"Intertwined(A Love Affair)"

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I wanna show you that I need you 

Making love to your body and your mind

Because well be intertwined

Time will stand still 

Cause when your with me, your mine 


Our minds will be connected and our hearts will be one

Passionately kissing, touching bodies well become undone


As I stare at your  eyes, I drown in your pool 

A lustful vengeance falls upon us, as I thrust deep inside you


Bodies sweating, your fingers in my mouth 

You moan for more of me, as I sweep you off the couch


I take you in my arms and we kiss up to the palace

As ecstasy becomes erratic, jealousy grins at us with malice


How could two people be so into one another asks the world I hear them say

Love was meant to be a challenge, not as easy as the these two seem to sway


We've made it past reality and into some sort of unreal fantasy


Cause you and me are different, no one else deserves us but us

It's taken time to get this far, built love, lust, and trust



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"As ecstasy becomes erratic,

"As ecstasy becomes erratic, jealousy grins at us with malice"

like that ^