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Dissonance surrounds every waking moment

Utter segregration and disownment

All for your own personal atonement


I loved you dearly through the worst

In my affection you were immersed

My faithful devotion now, dispersed


Unmatched and uninhibited, given to you

I hoped it was enough to see you through

Now I'm left scratching off the glue


Your reasons more or less understood

On the horizon, infatuated i stood

Restless, you sauntered into the wood(s)


Only if you knew the extent of my adoration

You would not impose a state of deprivation
Not sure if I should end after glue or anywhere else. In my eyes it seems fitting.
Please feel free to comment :p 

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i think its difficult find

i think its difficult find satisfation in this kind of piece. it would take to long. i like the part about the glue. it makes me think. like its a small detail evoking a much larger one. idk i assume its from pictures glued on places.