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This is my first poem, I hope you guys like it






Walking With Scissors


Twin roads lie ahead

Beauty within both lies none

The light that shines my way is dead

The angels know who's next

And I am truly the one


I recieve all I ever dreamed for

In return, I fell asleep forever

But now, you've given your final words

And the dream was over


When your words pierce through me

I'll wake up and begin to bury my seeds

Silence and light is all that is shown

Who'd know what I had grown?


As I'm choosing my twin

I've left everything I had grown behind

I wish to know what had grown to forgive

But as you left for one last time

It's the memory you'd forget.



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Doesnt seem like your first

Doesnt seem like your first post :)
Excellent start!

(Im also new) 

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An excellent first post! 

An excellent first post!  Wow!