Favorite Poem Lines: Vol 2

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Honeybee hive is swaying in storm.  -Satish Verma-


(re lover initials carved in tree)

willow....where love was born so long ago,

but for now,

in the failing of age,

only its scars still survive.  -G F Thompson-


Guilt is like a bank of low dark clouds that seem to be a solid wall before the sun. ...It is not strong enough to stop a button’s fall, nor hold a feather   -Course In Miracles (all 1500 pages are free and online)


They grovel at his feet, surround him excitedly

Like mice gathered around foul-smelling cheese

Little understood the mousetrap on which it rests

These little groveling groupies, his worshippers 

    -Stephen Brewerton



Elephants eat only plants…from this diet they never will cheat..and as a vegetarian…how can I not love an animal who refuses to eat meat   -Jim Yerman-


Fame is a bee It has a song-

It has a sting- Ah, too, it has a wing

-Emily Dickinson


(Those who harm no bee need worry about no sting)



"The burial grounds of the boneyard.
Where we laid the seeds of love from our hearts."

from Ashes_twisted