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Once Upon A Time

I lived across the street from a pomegranate tree
who hung its most fruitful branches over the neighbor's
fence, as if to provide the passerby if not with a meal
then its sheer beauty alone. I was sprouting avocado
saplings---three thriving beauties---at the time
and often brought them outside into sunny rays and
simply stood and socialized with them. I liked to take
them out in the moonlight as well, especially for the
ambiance. Meanwhile I harvested dozens of pomegranates.
I immediately learned not to forcefully pluck the fruits,
because not only does that mean the tree isn't yet ready
to give away its babies, it also hurts the tree and signifies
an unripe fruit. Thus I would gently check whether to
pluck the pomegranates with a little wiggle.
Anyways, as you know, they are a tricky food to get into,
so I would wait until I was in my kitchen to collect all
their seeds at once, which is very hard work, but well
worth it. Then I delighted myself in savoring the
scrumptious, frugal rubies and also fed them to
my beloved kombucha. I did this daily and soon found
myself in absolute awe as I studied the glorious pomegranate.
 I was overwhelmed. I convinced myself it was
a dinosaur.

by Dalton Patterson




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as long as I know your poet name and can find your unique and powerful




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I should like to say to you, absolutely,

that you are on a meaningful mission,

gifting us all with truth and harmony.

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I am in a battle with how to present my identity.

I will probably keep Pungus as my poetry pseudonym.

Thank you for giving me respectful recognition.