Finding Independence from the Shadows a collection of poems by CM


The aching in your being
It’s longing to break the bars
Escape the captors
And soar freely
Not to worry about the another person
Being disappointed
In you
No more
Breaking the chains
Finally free
Finally able to feel
And be me


The phoenix in me

I begin to heal
(very slowly)
I being to walk
(learning anew)
I begin again
(arising from the ashes)
I begin to live
(perhaps for the first time)


Be strong

Be strong for you
Because sometimes that’s all you’ve got
Be strong
There will always be people
Who want to tear you done
Because you’ve got something
Not everyone else can have
Be strong
You’ve got friends
No matter how hopeless
You think it is
Be strong
For you
Because no one else
Will be strong for you


To my friends

I don’t know why
I think good things won’t happen to me
I don’t know why
People still put faith in me
When I leave none for myself
I don’t know why people see my beauty
When I don’t
I don’t know why people can call me a friend
When most of the time I’m a royal you know what
I don’t know why I’ve been given so many chances
By people who really shouldn’t bother
I don’t know why
I can’t see to do this on my own
When I really am making the effort (I swear)
I don’t know why
Half the things happened to me that do
But I’m beginning to understand
Everything happens for a reason
You fall down, you get up
I don’t know where all the these friends came from
But I’m eternally grateful for them



Sometimes we find peace
In the things that gave us chaos
Sometimes we find solace
In the things that destroyed us
Sometimes we face out fears
Instead of running away
Things happen
That we cannot truly explain
It is harder to back track
On things done & words said
We just have to simply exist
Live for ourselves
And for the moment
Even if it doesn’t last
That’s all we have


Free Flowing

Verses flow through my mind again and again
It doesn’t help to block them out, gotta reign them in
Gotta let it out, gotta let the words flow
Part of the evolution of an artist, just gotta let things go
My words are harsh, sometimes cruel
My life lessons need to be used as a tool
Most people would say “she’s only twenty-five”
But I’m thankful for every day I’m alive
I’ve fought the battles against my own self
Where my confidence and self-worth were put on a shelf
Struggled to make it day by day
Coming through the haze with a lot more to say
Don’t let anyone tell you who to be
Because in the end, it’s you who has to feel free

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This collection is about rediscovering the things that make you "you", its the aftermath of the storm after a break up, seeing the sunlight and finding the strength to move on. Comments as always are welcome.

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