New work.

I just figured out I'm an angel

One that watches over and hales
Didn't choose this
But pretty happy about it
You see the ones I watch over 
I, I didn't pick 
Certain positions 
I just accept 
Things make sense sometimes 
When I think 
The ones I'm around
And protection they don't seek 
So sent to serve 
Only the few 
But Angels 
Most certainly do
Attach themselves
The humans they serve 
And can not let go of
So when
You live your life out
If you've seen us
Surely you're proud.
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I must thank Respected Star

for leading me to you. Happy to know that you have been on PP since 2012.~Another Beeg Beeg WordFool across the Dark Choppy Deep Seas~



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 Ecstacy is being an angel,


Ecstacy is being an angel, protecting the ones who need shielding, exploring the world for the vulnerable,  bringing out revelation and renewal, coveting the work like a miser.


Enjoyment is being an angel, experiencing the hearts of the lonely, taking care to tend to them kindly, expending joyousness is where you may find me.


Behind me the cast off bewilderments, confusion and all torn usunderments. Like a sieve, collect evil's accomplishments, allowing  enlightenment's hour.