I don't know how to make you proud but to be myself.

All the other things around.
Distractions keeping me from you.
Seconds minutes dripping 
Time goes by and Im thinking am I in 
But rather be Oscillated out
Left right back in again 
Clocks just a ticking 
The life we could of had 
The vows, The good the bad 
Everything you gave up
Now where are you 
Better off I am sometimes
Just like that 
YOU but that
Magnet keeps pulling 
Forever till we're dead 
And still I am right here
Tattooed fine female calling me with her eyes 
And I claim her
Like she lock keys tight on a key ring clearing everything keeping trinkets 
Forever goodbye 
And she I see look at her.
Like a loom she weaves everything.
Turns me into a doom drooling.
I keep looking.
All she want is for a man to tell her the truth.
how fine she is;
how perfect;
How every time shes alone;
I'll be there.
On the couch with my arms wrapped around you.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

A lot of this is rough. I wrote this in about 5 hours working on it 3 or 4 different times. Could probably use some work but I think it gets the point across 

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