New Year 1-1-04

2003 and later

Another year has ended

With a New Year's start

Loved ones celebrating with eachother

Friendships grow further apart.

I sit here with the one I love

Thinking of the years past

PLanning the years ahead,

In a future that's sure to last

Everything is changing

With things begining anew

But I wouldn't want to spend the New Year

With anyone except you.

As the year goes on

So do our lives

As we grow older, our childhood gone

We experience a new way of living

We come accustomed to these new things

The live from our past isn't worth holding.

You have given me confidence

To let go of so much

Your love has imprinted my heart

With your special touch.

This is a year with so much change:

Graduation, carreers, and moving away.

I look forward to the New Year

TO make decisions I choose,

But I don't want to spend it

With anyone except you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For the love of my life, for all things are changing around us, but our love stays strong through it all

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