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Is this love on your lips I taste?

Is this romance I feel in your embrace?

Is what I'm feeling pure?

I'd ask you, but you don't seem so sure.

Is this what I've been dreaming of?

Is it me or am I in love?

Is how you act honest?

You are such a good friend, one of the best

Are you what I've been waiting for?

I thought so, but I don't know anymore

I liked you then, and I will remember you always.

You will be in my heart and always stay.

Now I know that it wouldn't last.

Although I had hoped my parents would forget the past.

You know I will always care,

And that I will always be there.

I hope that we will always be friends

You know I'll be here for you now, until the end

Author's Notes/Comments: 

When we are children, we think we fall in love everytime we like someone... I was so wrong in this particular situation. For Justen

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