His walk (a song) 12-20-00


He sits wondering the true meaning.

He used to only believe after seeing.

He knows he is loved by a greater force.

Yet he has {nothing to say with his voice}[echo].

Chourus:  My son you are worth everything!

   My son you have a needed purpose

   Magnificent wonder, you have something...

   Everybody wants to know, everybody wants to know.

He reads the Bible day after day

Still not knowing quite what to say.

He obeys with ever effort of his heart.

From his father, he will never part.

         (Repeat Chourus)

He talks with all of his loved ones.

He wants them to feel what he's feeling.

He speaks of being one of God's sons.

Telling them of a happy ending.


Now he know what he's worth.

Now he knows what he must do.

Now he must love another

AS much as God love me and you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For my step dad when he recieved Jesus as his Lord and Savior

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beautiful piece