While I was waiting for your love 9-30-00


I was living a life worth living.

I would give everything worth giving.

I would walk out the door with a smile on my face.

Knowing for sure there wasn't a test I couldn't ace.

But until I met your glory,

I had an awful story.

I cussed, smoked, and cried

At points I even wanted to die.

I can't believe how much it hurts

To know there was something worse.

If I didn't take you in,

I'd be living a life of sin.

Then you came into my life

It happened as soon as I accepted you as Jesus Christ.

I had heard of all the amazing things you could do.

But in reality, I hadn't a clue.

You would give all the love I could take

I would never have to worry about my heart that could break.

You'd give me all I could ever ask for

I thank you so much Jesus, my Lord.

You'd give me so much hope.

You'd give me the strength to cope.

Now I hope you know I love to sing your praise.

I want you to be with me all of my days.

I never want to go back to the life I had.

Without your love, I could never be glad.

Your love is so string it's unbearable to stand.

But we will always walk hand in hand.

You've helped me with all my worries.

You have so many glories!

I can't believe how wrong I was before.

You've shown me the right path, and the key to the locked door.

You believed in me when no one else did.

You comforted me when no one else would.

You've given me strength to carry on.

When my friends were wrong, you helped me not to go along.

Until I found you,

I did things that would be wrong to you

I've lived a life corrupted with sin.

I'm so releaved now that I let your love in.

You've shown me so many ways to spread the words to others

I've talked to children my own age, even my father.

I was leading a life were I wouldn't head above.

That's what I did, while I was waiting for your love.

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beautiful piece