Why God Why? 9-26-00


Oh, My God why?

Why must all the good people die?

When they go up to Heaven

And get rid of their sins.

Why God, oh why?

Why must we live through this pain expressed with crying?

God Why?

Why put us through all this misery

When we find out someone died in Missouri.

God, Sweet God, Why?

Why can't we rid of all this anguish?

For it is me that is feeling squished.

God, for your sake, why?

Why must there be no understanding

That there will be no more remanicing?

God please God why?

Why must you torture me so?

PLease give me the knowledge I need to know.

God, oh merciful God why?

Why can't I rid of these tears?

I try to release to you all my fears.

God please help me understand why.

Why do all the good people die?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Bob Everet, a dear friend of my family who passed away a few years ago, from a motorist who shot him.

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