School 9-1-00


The school year begins.Everyone bustling about. there is some confusion, freshman not knowing where to go. As the first day goes on, people get aquinted with eachother. New friends mingle in the halls, students find the groups they belong in. But there is one who sticks out in the crowd. SHe doesn't know her place, going to the popular kids, they reject her. She flees, hidding her face, not wanting to be seen. She looks to the grunge. They look upon her as being weird, again she feels rejections. Where will she go? Who will be her friend? How many people will be her foe? What will happen in the end?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this as an english assignment my Junior year in Highschool

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I really like this, the simplicity of what it's really like, expressed so honestly, to enter into the unknown, teh culture-shock of school...I shared this with my daughter...her response was, it's another reason she's so glad I homeschool her...children that don't have to live with that anxiety & pressure to fit it, find their place, conform turn out different, somehow...
I look forward to reading more of your writings, you have a really nice way with words!