You are beautiful 2-17-00


You sit there wanting to be part of the group.

You see what you can't be You don't see how they torture you in their distructive way.

You think they're admiring you. You think it's a game.

You recall things from the past, wanting to gain all knowledge, wanting it to last.

You feel lonely and want someone to love.

YOu feel all alone in this cold world, turning to God above.

You get criticized from day to day. Wondering trhough life.

People molding you like clay. You begin to doubt yourself.

Dreading the fears of tomorrow. You try best to hide all your pain and sorrows/

DOn't listen with your mind, but with your heart.

Once you do this, there will always be a new start.

Don't indulge in what people say. Neer lower your values because to you, you need to be true.

DOn't dwell in the past, but think of what lays ahead.

Never for one moment thing you'ld be better off dead!

People say you're clumsy, ugly, and not careful.

But who cares because you truely are beautiful.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this for a girl that used to ride the bus with me in Junior High. She was special-ed, and my heart really went out to her when she always got picked on, without even knowing it.

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