Will You Be? 5-30-00


Will you be there when I am feeling blue?

Will you be there no matter what struggles we're going through?

How can I know for sure, when all you ever do is let me down?

How will I know you're sincere?

Will you be there even when you don't care?

YOu mean the world to me, but I don't think you understand.

After all you're just human.

I can't expect you to be who you're not

I won't push you because I love you alot

You need to know this isn't an infatuation, obsession

Or even for this one time situation

I promise I will stop when asked,

And that I will never act like an ass

Though I'll never get over you and you'll always have a place in my heart,

I wish we would never be apart.

We've known each other for many years

We've laughed, gotten mad, even shared some tears.

You can't possibly comprehend how I feel, for I can't figure it out for myself

I love you so much I feel lke I'm going to burst!

I know there's usually a happily ever after, but I fear the worst

I'll love you forever.

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