The Day 3-2-00


As I go through the day, I think of all the right things to say

People shut me out and blow me off, but not matter I'm getting my point across

You think you are better than me, and all you can do will out do my best

But what you don't know is that I have a heart of gold in my chest

As I go through the day I think of what might have been

What it would be like if nobody sinned

I try to do things like you want them to be

But what you don't understand is it's hard enough just being me

As I go through the day I look all around at different couples

Snuggling and kissing, why can't my man be found?

I grow envyous as the day goes by

Thinking how lonely I am only makes me want to cry.

I'm not guarenting I'll win the race, but with all my might I'll try

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