March 29th 4-5-01


Only twenty days old,

So new to this

Different world

Smelling of a

Skin-so-soft scent,

We're so happy

For the days here spent.

Born the nineth

Died twenty days later,

Causing pain for all,

Especially his sister.

Not knowing who he was

Or what would happen,

A child so young would

Never have sinned.

He was taken away

From his whole family

Sabing him wasn't

A possibility

She sits feeling guilty

For something she couldn't do

She lives with regret

Not living her life through

She dreamt that night

That he was going to die

She failed to see

His life already went by

He lives in her soul

Even to this day

She can't get it outa her mind

No matter what people say

Everyone tells her

She couldn't have helped

But even still,

She feels she is at fault

Now he is gone and

All she can do is cry,

Praying that she could have changed

That day, March 29th.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for my little brother benjamin who passed away from SIDS

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