I was asked one day, to describe myself just one way.  By a friend i could not deny.  I wracked my mind for a word that applied. There was not a single one that i could claim mine owned.  So i made one up, that i lwould like to share with all those that are likely to care.  I call me obscuse.  It an amalgamation of obscure and obtuse.  It's describes beautifuly my addiction to the living metaphore of language.  That i pick a word with strange connotations and pair it with equal expectations from a disperate source.  Unless i'm trying to be direct obviously.  But that happens rarely.  I enjoy the journey from the edge of relevance on a tangent of assosiative and topsy turvy logic

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I Love Invented Words

"obscuse" obtuse and obscure - yes! Indeed. It's the poet's life for me. "...a desperate source...would make a fine name for a poet's autobiography.   :)