Stand With Me

Some call me a redneck some say I'm a hippy, I can't deny that those two words  describe me, but they don't define me.  Society places you in a category like they know your story but if you open your eyes there’s really more to see.  I’m an American, I’m supposed to be proud and free, but I’m not proud of what my country has turned out to be, I can’t see how I deserve freedom more than those that are different from me.  Everybody wants to live in peace and harmony, but the land of the free turns the other cheek.  It’s about money, not about the people, you see,  in reality, none of us are really free, we’re only 

Sheep.  Nothing’s cheap, but we’re expected to work for next to free, it’s like slavery, what happened to the land of opportunity?  We want to fight back, but we don’t know what we’re fighting for, things don’t feel right anymore, but we’re too blind to see that this democracy is just a business for those that are richer than me.  We’re pawns in the game of currency. 


 It’s time for a revolution, but we’re not on the same page, we feel hatred and rage, when we should be motivated, let’s make a real change.  Religion and nationalism create egos, love of money creates problems, our governments create war,  we the people need to solve’em.  Anarchy is viewed so negatively, but what it means to me, is to live as free as we’re supposed to be.  I’m not writer, but this needs to be said, our constitution is dead, and needs to be revived before we all live regrettably.  People jailed by a plant grown naturally, turned away at the borders cuz they’re tanner than me, governments creating war internally, to fight back can only be done illegally.


 Who’s going to stand with me, and set this world free?!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Not so much a poem, more of an outcry to take action.

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*applause Clearly you are a


Clearly you are a writer. Don't underestimate yourself, you have something to say.

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Revive The Constitution?

It needs to be revised perhaps to emphaise persuit of happiness and less emphasis on building insituions to incarcerate large undesired portions of the population. Anarchy is only possible if there is order and peace to bounce off - Like justice here, you are guaranteed a chance at it. If you can buy the right lawyer. I love the word anarchy, reminds me of raping and pillages and hanging and stealing and no responsibility and a lot of trash on the streets because no one has to do what they don't want. No clean water, no sewage system, got high that month, didn't think doing something for mere money was important. Anarchy works until all that has been built is destroyed or used up - then order is demanded - Just call it hippy thinking wars are fought to protect business intersts globally to keep the anarchist in line and to punish those countries that do not let the corrupt and powerful lead- sorry, your platform has a few splinters in it - so, can't stand with you - peace somewhere certainly - Lady A



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I am NOT a writer, and I'm not a wordsmith by any means.  I wasn't being modest, I was being honest.  I have a very boring job, and some of these things just came to me while I was working, and kind of turned into a "rap" in my head.  This is the first time in years and years that I've written anything, and I don't know what inspired me to do so.  I don't mean anarchy to the fullest extent, I think what I'm trying to get across is less government involvement.  When did people become so stupid that they can't make decisions without somebody else interfering?  When did people become so "evil" that without laws, we just can't control ourselves?

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I think people would make

I think people would make better choice for themselves not being under the impression that they are being cared for. Take sunscreen for instance. Would we be layering ourselves up with carcinogens is we didn't blindly believe FDA was keeping safe ingredients in or products? Are you saying you would be rapping and pillaging if it was legal? Sociopaths don't care terribly much either way.