Gone but not forgotten

As I write this, I can feel the emotion building and the tears coming.

Been over a year,but still I feel the loss,from this there is no running.


Murdered by a vicious cancer ,that fed on her like she was a meal.

She faught like a warrior, to the very end,proud of her fight I feel.


Killed by a untreatable cancer,all ties from this world it wanted to sever.

Im not a man of faith, so I know she is loss and gone,from my life for ever.


If there is God, what you been doing?were the f••k have you been hiding?

Too many good people have been dying,whilst the evil ones keep surviving


This poem ,contains some important things, to her that I never said.

Too late to tell Pauline these now,so I will write them here instead


She was a beacon ,a guiding life,my lighthouse shining bright in the dark.

Without her guidance, dashed upon the rocks,my life would of been stark.


I dont want to be consumed by bitterness ,that I have felt for so long.

 I want to say thank you Pauline,you are gone, but in my heart you live on.

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This poem is very powerful emotionally. Nice work. It is hard to face the fact we will never see the ones we love when they are gone, or they us.