Finding the words

Taken for granted by most,is the gift of fluent speech.

For some the next word can seem just out of reach.

A mild stutterer can sometimes speak a sentence with no pause.

For the heavily inflicted at times saying one word is a loss cause.


Fear of judgement,can mean in public,some dont speak.

Understanding,patience is what most sufferers seek.

Someone struggling with their words is not a figure of fun.

If only they could wake up one morning with the stutter gone.


With speech therapy,the lucky can make the problem cease

But from their verbal prison,many never find sweet release.

With time and practice most can make the problem less.

Learning to live with the stutter,often is for the best.




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I Had A Cousin

who stuttered. It required patience. Never talked to her about it out of respect. A good topic to consider. Thanks for the sharing - allets -