In the Mirror


aging eyes sing their memories

the last of forevers teardrops

as their yesterday’s dance in the night

ghosts and shadows stare hand in hand

at a dusty soul waiting judgement

as the final door swings open

freeing glimmers of nothingness,

then comes the fearsome time

when footsteps once counted

have no more consequence

and breaths measured

are lost forever to the wind

where darkness haunts itself

grieving the smallest taste of light

it is there souls find healing

or are cast to fires payment

and I sleep soundly, unafraid

of the moment between heartbeats

here in my winter of destiny


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patriciajj's picture

"where darkness haunts

"where darkness haunts itself

grieving the smallest taste of light"


How strikingly you captured the most challenging part of the human adventure. Each relatable line thunders with a captivating eloquence that reinforces the realism; every line is power-packed, chilling, resonate and impressive.


I love how the tone shifts gently in the last lines into the realm of hope and rests, profoundly, on your memorable conclusion. And the title is a clever, perfect fit. Bravo!!!


Wordman's picture

A most gracious critique, I'm

A most gracious critique, I'm glad you enjoyed this, thank you for the visit and the kind words. 

Cascade's picture

"ageing eyes sing their

"ageing eyes sing their memories"...what a powerful entry! And, "where darkness haunts itself" ! But, I do not believe your destiny is a wintery one. Peace and blessings, dear poet

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Thanks Cascade, glad you

Thanks Cascade, glad you enjoyed this, nice to see you again. 

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This is beautifully worded

This is beautifully worded and elegantly lined. I love that they that sleep peacefully are freed of Forever's teardrops and fire's payment. Such strong contrasts, e.g. the winter of destiny, et al. Thanks for sharing.

here is poetry that doesn't always conform

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Thank you for the nice words,

Thank you for the nice words, glad you liked this, and thanks for stopping by.  

Stephen's picture


I can really identify with this poem.

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Thanks Stephen, glad you

Thanks Stephen, glad you could relate to this, it's always a pleasure.