Written in Stone


The lush of green grass waves at

trees that smile their shade.

Stones scattered here and there,

or placed neatly row by row,

inscriptions and names claim their realm.

Identities and dates, their forever place.


Differences, like a rain shower falling

into an ocean, matter no more.

Color is only the sky and the flowers, politics

and hate no longer own their worth.

Believers, and those knowing no faith,

find the answers to their lives in

deaths truth. Love overcomes fear

no matter the reply.


And we walk among the garden of souls,

resplendent in our follies. We, the frauds,

the posers, reveling in our own hate and

non-acceptance, as we rise above all

holding a different point of view, throwing

insults and lies to indulge our own evil.


Holding tightly to the sunset,

I recognize myself in the face of mankind.

None the better, none the worse,

only hoping I find my peace,

before I am no more

than a name and number,

written in stone.


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Cascade's picture

I absolutely love this! Your

I absolutely love this! Your voice is so very resounding, softly, and yet deeply rooted and echoing in truth and wisdom.  Outstanding! 

Wordman's picture

  Thank you Cascade, I'm


Thank you Cascade, I'm happy this struck a positive chord with you, thanks for the visit, always a pleasure.

Stephen's picture

Wonderful insight into the nature of it all.


Wordman's picture

  Thanks for stopping by

  Thanks for stopping by Stephen, always a pleasure.

sweetwater's picture

Wonderful words, it says so

Wonderful words, it says so much that makes real sense of things. Love it, sue.

Wordman's picture

  Thank you Sue, just a


Thank you Sue, just a little venting, not polished, but glad you enjoyed it anyway.