Going Home

As i opened my eyes

a great light i could see

it was the lord jesus, coming for me

And on his right was my mom and dad

my brothers and sisters

and all the friends moved on that i had

And on his left was a angel band

to come and lead me to the promiced land

oh what a beautyful and special day

when the lord comes to lead you away...

First peter chapter five

verses ten and eleven

But the lord of all grace

who has called us into his eternal glory

by christ jesus after you have suffered awhile

makes you perfect,stablich,stregenthen and settle you

to him be the glory and dominion for ever and ever


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honey811's picture

This piece touched my heart, knowing we live here for a short time and home is on the other side. I to lost a sister and I wrote a piece called heaven, a beautiful place.