Romeo and Juliet [ the final curtain ]


The winds of time

blow memories of you

through my mind


A sweeter love,i shall never know

as the winds of time gently blow

the smell of honeysuckle in the air

two young people in love without a care


Forever and always

your love shall be mine

if only in my mind


For I have touched your soul

and you have touched mine

and I will love you till the end of time


The essence of you shall always lay gently on my mind

two souls searching for solace

as we move through time


you have brought me from a boy to a man

and for that I will always be in your debt

and something I will never forget


but fate wasn't kind to you and me

our love could never be

so I will dream of you from time to time

and the essence of you will always be on my mind


Romeo romeo where art thou romeo

I`m in your heart and in your mind

where I will remain until the end of time...


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pamschwetz's picture

Beautiful poem Ron, you are so romantic and it is so heartfelt...great work...keep it up...pun intended...ha ha...anyways...want to read more so keep it up...Thanks for sharing, Pam

word_man's picture

i know that i replied to this

i know that i replied to this long ago but i don`t see it

thank you

ron parrish