Some Where in Time


Somewhere in time

my true love,i will find

We will build a castle

in the enchanted forest

we will be the destiny of our own time.

Makelove the whole night through

and in the morning play like children

in the morning dew.

Eat honey and drink the nectar

from the honeysuckle vine if only

somewhere in time.

If only we can travel in time

and find this place we have

tucked away in our minds we could

live forever because there is no time.

But wait,maybe this place is real

maybe it`s a real place you can

see and feel

Maybe it`s not just a place

in your mind,but a place we

will someday find...

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patriciajj's picture

You make me a believer with

You make me a believer with images dripping splendor, faith in love's power to create Heaven on Earth and pure emotion infused throughout. An enchanting place just a dream away. 

word_man's picture

thanks pat,i guess sometimes

thanks pat,i guess sometimes life is a dream

ron parrish

word_man's picture

thank you for the visit

thank you for the visit cascade

ron parrish

Cascade's picture

I think your world is a much

I think your world is a much better place, Wordman. This is lovely, dreamy place where life is sweet and love is all there is. Thank you for sharing it with us.