Good Byes Make Me Cry



The sky is as black,

as my heart is gray,

the magic is gone,

there`s nothing more to say.


A few years,,

not very long,

but enough memories,

to make me feel alone.


A walk in the woods,hand in hand,

feeling the soft touch of her hand,

the tenderness of her sweet kiss,

i will alway`s reminess .


And you,

i will truly miss...


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Cascade's picture

This is a sweet sadness that

This is a sweet sadness that reaches out and touches the heart of your readers, dear poet. Beautiful!

word_man's picture

thank yu for the visit

thank yu for the visit

ron parrish

patriciajj's picture

Really feeling this. A

Really feeling this. A beautifully honest and lyrical description of how it feels to look back on what once was. Lovely work. 

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thanks pat for the

thanks pat for the visit,sorry i just saw it,not getting messages when someone reads my poems

ron parrish