lliving the mind


i sit and watch broken dreams and lost memories,

people trying to exscape like a scary movie scene,

the only exscape is an illusion in thier fantasy,

only being attack in reality,

by pain,suffer, and disbelief exspecting to achieve,

getting sufficated by every breath they brief,

so far gone in the lost mind of thier own,

they became dullusional because thier mind is

so far gone

the last moment casket, skelleton, then thier bones,

for this is thier calling to return back home

a foriegn nieghbor is left on the throne,

passing judgement on everything that condome

its chaining you abusively to all your wrongs,

build your mind so it can become as solid as

a stone.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

the mind has a life of its own by building it the mind can be controlled

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