Jazz In The Garden


a wonderful humid day, in this place as the sun gaze,

trey trigger has taken the stage, im sitting next to a woman that has a personality for days,

her nice shape, her 4,11 hight, as we dance to music while the sun goes down to night,

romantically as i stare into her eyes, a cool evening breez flies as im anticapating on making her mine,

we hold hands, like there could never be enough time,

walking around at the jazz in the garden, staring at her heart so pure as my penis got harden,

this aroma came over me, as i sat and massuage her feet, i carried her on my back as she felt so weak,

at the jazz in the garden anything can happen, kevin heart the celebrity has us laughing,

our pulse from dancing even had people claping, who could ever thought this can happen at the jazz in the gardens,

woman wanted to dance some even beg, she steps in and let them know this is my man,

music slow plays from the band, this beautiful wonderful amazing woman say i can be her husband,

can it be love at first sight? at the jazz in the garden.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this poem because i met a woman that was so amzing to me it seem like we had knew each other forever but we had just met at the jazz in the garden and everyone thought she was my wife/girl friend because we bonded so good.

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