Another Inocent


This young teen that was only 17 very nice and not very mean.
He did nothin wrong grey hoodie, skittles, arizona tea, was judge and shot by a man that says he was a suspect of the streets.
Then died seconds later, by a white male that was a hater.
The man cliams he was doing self defense, by Trayvon skin color we all knew what it meant.
No justice served to the killer, but we know his dad was a surpreme court dealer.
Can you imagine if that was your child, just walking to the store not even a mile.
I feel his parents and his lover pain, to hear and witness an attack that is so brutal and strange.
I say hold me back because im black, i wear hoodies and drink arizona plus eat skittles.
Hold me back i say, cause a inocent brother was killed walking on his way.
I tear but not in fear, but in anger because of a mother had lost her son to a DUMB ASS stranger.
Woe! Woe! I cry in tears for Trayvon pears. Be strong hold on stand up for whats right and not wrong.
United we stand divided we fall lets hold his name up tall TRAYVON! Another inocent gone but not forgoten.
Remeber black is beautiful as a inocent child. :'( :'( :'( :'(

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem for Trayvon but not only him but for the inocents as well here is where i share my pain i hope you enjoy

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I love this, its a very

I love this, its a very amazing poem. Its very sad what happened to that young man though.

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thank you

thank you sweetie and yes it is sad what happen to him :-( but thats y i wrote that poem but you should check out more of my poems i think you would like that them comment if you must :-)

wisdom comes from God

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I liked this alot, it shows

I liked this alot, it shows how much it effected you, and how much it ment to you.
Lots of emotions and feelings involved. very sweet. :)


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I like this poem! :) its a

I like this poem! :) its a terrible thing that happened to Trayvon though :/

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THANKS alot for reading and commenting on my poem im back to write i havnt been on in about 3 months

wisdom comes from God