Hey you,yes you my Nigerian African queen.
Most beautiful then a cover model on a magazine.
My Queen you have a nice structured face, and a body of a goddess that could never be replace.
You sit on your throne as you run your kingdom all along, boast in a tiara independent and strong.
you need to sort your royal oats, you grab your guards come to the states and search coast to coast.
My queen we hit land on Miami beach, guards go out and bring my king to me.
Here i am 5,9 a chocolate man, muscles,a poet and my life ready to expand.
Wow i finally found a king come with me, no my queen you already all you can be, but if you love me stay here and be free.
Sweat fall from her dome, anxious and nervously she gives up her throne.
The sound of waves and the sight of two white doves, sad to say she wasnt searching for a king, she was searching for love. She traded her throne for me, a man that's a king of love and free.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was on miami beach when i met a nigerian woman that had a throne to me she was a queen cause she had what any other African woman wanted besides love.

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Awwww this poem is really

Awwww this poem is really good and its sweet.
:) oh and i miss the miami XD wish i was there! lol i bet the beach was wonderfull this time of year.


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thanks and yes it was wonderful and when you old enough you can come back

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