Deep down in the dumps of my mind.

Feeling slump, can't concentrate on my shrine.

The purpose is to elaborate on the meaning of being.

But i'm stuck on the thought of me.

Who am I? who I be?

I don't know, this is something i've created through past, present, and memories.

Knowledge is what i live for, thats my Gold.

Grow up and realize that kind of life ain't gunna fit your role.

Helping others is my goal.

Wake up and live, don't live that lie.

I'm even praying for you, and your mommas cries.

It's up to you who you be.

I'ma be raising consciousness, praying to the one and only truths that bounds this reality.

So stop and listen to the silence 'cause that's where you'll find your wants and desires.

Dont believe me? Give it a try, close your eyes and open your mind to the possibilities of more than physical binds.

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