Bus Ride


"Bus ride"

I tell stories of years gone past, the Bus is longer then a car with gas! We ride high, over the land. The cars pass as fast as they can, its a lonely old road in a desert sand. The clouds are hung in gray and blue, lighting strikes where birds flew. The thunder rumbles out in distance clouds, the rain starts to cover the long empty road. Time to move the heavy load, the bus gurgles and pops and spits! The hail sounds as it hits, the bus is rolling the thunder claps.  

Construction ahead moves to the side, this is the best way to ride! Sandwich at hand, water aside. The view is full of snakes that hide. The Time flies by as we own the bus, thanks to the man who's name is Gus. Freedom!

William J Roney III

Copyright (C) 2021

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  You paint such a positive


You paint such a positive word picture that Greyhound or another bus co.

might want you to create their ads...



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Bus Ride

Your close enough, I took a trip on a private bus " Motor Home "

from San Antonio Texas through the west Texas desert to

Sierra Vista Arizona and back. El Paso was during rush hour!

William J Roney III