Cause Your Daddy's Little Girl



“Cause Your Daddy's Little Girl”




A bus turns in and they're ready to load.
A little girl's tears, start to flow!
The orders called in, it's time to roll.
The little girl says, do you have to go?
He kisses his wife and wipes her tear!
Looks at the little one, have no fear!
Remember the good times that we had?


Listen to your Mom and don't be sad!                                                  


 One day you'll know, why we go.
To fight for the freedom of a guy named Joe!
When you dream, that's where I'll be!
Keeping you safe right next to me.


When you say your prayers, say everybody too!


And say a prayer for the Red, White and Blue!
Cause, your Daddy's little girl!


William J. Roney III

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I really like this poem.  A

I really like this poem.  A couple of the rhymes feel forced (like the guy named Joe), but the overall sentiment is exquisitely beautiful.


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Cause Your Daddy's Little Girl

This is a true story but some didn't come home!

William J Roney III