*So Sweet*



 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


When I remember the time we spent together

I remember it being so sweet

I wished it would last forever

And I was so happy we got the chance to meet 

When I think about the past

I think of your gorgeous smile

And I think of spending the time with you 

It was a blast 

And I sit there to enjoy the thought for awhile


So sweet like sugar

Our first kiss

This never ending hunger

Something one could not want to miss


But then you left and broke my heart

Yet you still remain a best friend

A special bond that'll never fall apart

It'll be in our souls till the end 

The way I remember you... 

So sweet So Kind

The first day I'll never forget 

You swept me off my feet

In the future someone like you 

Again I hope to find

Someone special to once again meet



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Im probably going to add to this poem soon

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