*Only The Strong Will Survive*

Trisha M Barrek Hopkins

Leave me in heaven if i should die 
Help my soul if i shall cry 
When i fall help me shake it off 
Help me believe only the strongest will survive 
It s time to go 
Help me and my heart thrive 
Just ride with the flow 
God let me know 
Tell me my shadow will remain on the wall 
And when i look down at the ground it will still be below 
I will stay 
Try to stay alive 
Go out with my kids to play 
And be stronger then the demons i may hold 
Or The depressions and stress i may buildup inside 
And try to forget the evil I've been told 
And be able to see the crisp blue of the day 
I will try to not become greedy for gold 
Because Only the strongest will survive 
I will always protect my sacred ground 
For no one can destroy my will 
For each day will become the past 
And the power to live i have found 
My strength will forever last 
For i have no need for a fun pill 
For only the strongest will survive 
Leave me in heaven when i die 
Show me the way 
To save us all 
How to erase my darkest day 
Because i plan on standing tall 
We remain hand on hand 
There is a wonder in peoples eyes 
And always one set of footprints in the sand 
Even though i still hear the echo of my pasts cries 
The salty tears i once in awhile see 
Rolling down my face 
Trying to not believe 
My hearts moving at a faster pace 
As i begin to float upward toward the midnight sky 
Where in heaven im meant to rest 
Finally i am allowed to die 
Or maybe it s just a test 
God my be playing to see how far 
My will can with stand the cards i am dealt 
Or to see if my evil away will melt 
Because only the strongest will survive 
I do know i want to remain alive 
For i will protect my days i have on this earth for a very long time 
Because god could take me up to heaven in a drop of a dime 


By: Trisha M Barrek Hopkins
Finished: 1:21 am 3-22-07

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Only The Strong Will Survive

Whispers_from_the_ mind . I think I am starting to see why you go by this name. You have Really nice work. God will give you all the protection you need. I

 think your heart is going to get you into Heaven. But take of yourself. and as for only the strong survive. Well, I've asked myself, do this have ant worth, for 

in the word it say the meek shall inherit. P.S 37:11.   MilMan

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The name just came to me. i

The name just came to me. i want it to be my first book title.