*If I Was An Angel*

Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

If i was and angel 
I'd kiss away all the pain 
From all those who hurt inside

If i was an angel 
There would be no reason to cry 
Because i would make the evil hide 
I would give you strength 
So you wouldn't have to die 
I'd help you stand tall with pride

If i was an angel 
You would have no time to cry those tears 
Because i'd be there to wipe your eye 
And protect you from your fears 
And help you learn how to fly

To get away from all the broken hearts 
All the pain deep down inside your soul 
Take you away from all the tears before it starts 
Being your angel that protects will be my goal

If i was an angel 
I'd be by your side through thick and thin 
Pick you up when you fall 
I'll be a ring away 
Just pick up the phone and call 
Because each night for you my love I'll always pray

For God to make these wings of mine 
To protect you from all the wrong 
And when you have all but darkness 
Ill make the sun shine 
And your life no longer a mess 
I'll make the rain disappear and make you strong 
All i will try to make all fine

But if for some reason the evil wins and you die 
I will be in the clouds up in the sky 
To lead you to the golden gates to get into heaven 
And together hand in hand we'll fly 
Just remember and don't worry in you God has always believed in


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