HEARTS REQUEST / The Passing of Summer

Seasons pass, in timely fashion
and take with it my yellow jasmine.
While September breaths a chlling sigh,
a hint of Fall,...as the Summer dies.

Past memories arrived upon a breeze
as poignant thoughts weave through colored leaves.
Gods masterpiece, a gift from heaven
grabs my heart and holds it captive!

Show me more of the beauty of life
like a harvest moon or a kiss goodnight.
Perhaps the look of love over a candles light...
A gentle touch upon my breast,
or  the words "sleep tight"
from someone who shares my bed.
Two arms to hold me that could settle my fears,
and at times a bit playful
I might nibble your ear.

Someone who understands me,

someone who cares,
someone who knows life is meant to be shared.

Seasons pass as I shall too,
without the soft spoken words
that I've never heard.
When I bid life abandon I have just one request;

Would you tell me you love me?..
As I'm laid down to rest.

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Afzal Shauq's picture

respect your heart wishes... hope you will never stop writing poems... above all your cruel eyes... you are really a very good poetess and with new ideas...love your poems...really mean it

poetvg's picture

beautiful poem

Helen Schmidt's picture


This is a lovely, wistful poem. You have combined the wonders of nature with the heartfelt emotions of humankind. The result is a beautifully written picture of a sentimental autumn day.


Laurie  Lane's picture

Oh I Love this piece. It describes me in my unfulfilled desire for a soul mate. For love is truely missing from my life. Great Poem.

Danielle Edwards's picture

I loved it. It was very good and moving!! I loved the sentiment and description. i could picture it all im my head. 3 thumbs up!!!!