I am a fan, Mr. Bernard Shaw!


I am a fan, Mr. Shaw, I am a fan.

I am so awed at how you write, and how you think.

You may be sick, you may be old,that's what you say,

but to me, you are the best,and you are blessed.

Your poems rhyme,they make some sense,they make me smile,

They are on fairies, Queens, and magic lands.

Sometimes, I wish we all live on this fairy land,

All our problems have solutions we can find.

I will keep on writing, I will, Mr. Shaw.

But until then, when I will be as good as you,

I will always be a fan, and a reader of your work,

I just want you to know,how I wish to have met you.  

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heatherburns35's picture

Just started reading him.
He is awesome. One of the
best. I'll bet a real gent. too.

Ruth Lovejoy's picture

I like his work too..

heatherburns35's picture

Hi Girl,
You and I share a common. I am also a fan.
He is the best story teller. Take care. Keep
on keeping on.