Creation of a Miracle

Erotica Poems

Creation of a Miracle

By: Veronica Pfeiffer

Date Written: March 7th, 2015



Embrace me deeply once again-

Let me gasp fervidly, bathing in your love-

Immersing myself in the ebb and flow-

Of your endless ocean of security and passion.


Let this be the time in which you build this  crackling flame to a raging fire, which engulfs us in this moment of aching passion.

Not only will you rouse our souls, but create a new life that will rest within me that will live on past our time in these vessels called "bodies."  Please, let the creation flourish into a child that we will cherish well beyond our last breaths!


You move gently in and out of me, bridging our souls in moments of remarkable bliss.  We feel beyond the inexhaustable love we already possess, and plunge into a lake of serenity.


Your eyes widen, locked on mine,  and seem to sparkle as you feel the cup spill.  Within moments, we are proclaiming otherworldly love as we simultaneously reach the ethereal apex.


With a gentle moan, you fill me with your seed-- and our souls entertwine like ivy leaves growing upon a trellice -- Formulating the first step towards life.

We feel complete, with our minds' dreams and hopes for the beloved creation of a child.


We lay in one another's embrace as long as time will allow.  The world seems a distant memory as we lose ourselves in the moment.

You place the gentlest, passionate kiss upon my lips-- And whisper to me that you wish for the very best on our first try.


How I hope from that moment that all is completed, and we can carry on with the next chapter of our lives.

You smile softly as you hold me gently 'neath the frigid night.


"This is the first moment of the rest of our lives.  I love you, my soulmate."

"I love you too, my dearest stardustmate."


Weeks pass slowly, and one day you saunter in the door from work --seeing me with a glowing smile.

Without words to inform, you discern my thoughts in an instant.  You pick me up and whirl me around as we laugh in triumph.


Yes, this is the start of the rest of our lives.  

We are now Mother and Father.

All of our dreams are coming true,

And I wouldn't want this 

With anyone but you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I am nearing 30, and my hormones are raging.  I want a child in the future, and I am glad that I am with a man that does as well.

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I Love it so much

You don't know

They say RJ

Say it aint so

I love it so much

They dont know


I meant to say hell this

Hell that

It is just me

Listening to her

Rebel yell

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Thanks so much!  I really

Thanks so much!  I really appreciate it!