I Have A Right

I don't want to anymore...
Every  time i do I always end up on the floor.
Just laying there.
Whether or not i should even bother getting back up.
Just please, somebody, fill this cup.
fill this cup up with something that wont fuck me up.
I've had enough of the poison,
Enough of the noise in my head,
Enough wishing  I was dead.
I will regain my composure from this mentality of lead.
I will find myself,
Reattatch my shoulders to my head.
I will find my peace of mind,
No more leaving my own desires behind.
Just wait and you will see me in the light of another kind.
I will win this fight,
I will find my light.
Don't think I won't make it out,
because i just might.
It is my right.
My right to survive,
my right to be alive.

- The Fever

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