I Wish You Would Wish

If I could have one wish,
You'd think I'd say "I wish you were here."
But It's not, because even if you were here it wouldn't take away the fear.
Even if you were standing right here next to me, I couldn't possibly tell you what I want us to be.
I just can't say how I truly feel,
Because the risk of rejection just makes life seem so unreal.

It leaves me light headed, palms sweating, what should I say?
These thoughts become embeded.
So ya, That's why I don't wish you were here.
If anything, I wish you could see me as more than what I am,
Feel how I feel, but damn...
...If I could have just one wish,
I wish YOU wish you were here...

Because if I knew you wished you were here,
I would have no fear.

-The Coward

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