Is god Blind In One Eye?

Do you cause the good or the bad?
Are you responsible for what makes me happy or sad?
I can't help but look up, tilt my head back,
And wonder if you cause me pain just to keep my life on track.

Now I'm not doubting you're there,

...ok, maybe I am,
But you have to understand,

I just think your methods are a little unfair.
After ten years of looking for redemption,
I guess I haven't done enough to catch your attention.

Or are you blind in the eye that looks above me?
Because I'm not sure if you can see,
But I kinda need a break here,
I need someone to steer me in the clear.

And if you're not willing to hear,
... Then the day I die, god will know fear.

-The Despair

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one was written at another low point. Probably didn't need me to tell you that though.

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You have the choice, believe in yourself then. God is not human and does not watch as the literature says, he is not a He, anthropomorphized in man's image. I tend to think of God as a female principle/principal? (i always get those confused). Wait for a sign all your life, none will appear. Don't look and signs will appear everywhere...It takes a well - Lady A