Reality and dreams are mixing together 
Forming my conscience into the nether. 
A place of never ending doubt and remorse 
A place where everything has run its course. 
Shifting backdrops and endless trails 
Leading to nothing, trapping me in this jail. 
I want to go back to the time before, 
Everything was simpler and no one swore. 
Alas my virgin eyes are no more.  
I have seen too much blood and too much war. 
I want to take off my facade so the world can see, 
Who I truly am, who I'm really mean't to be, 
Alas my morale provides too much stock, 
They are the church and I, like Peter, am the rock. 
I will continue this cycle to the end of my days, 
Alone. Inside myself I shall stay. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this poem two years ago and never uploaded it. I think it kind of comes off pretentiously but that must have been how I was feeling at the time.

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I Can't Remember

2013. I probably felt great though. It is my usual state. Presently - I hear the world economy did not take the expected down-turn. Good news to help the blues fade




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i am in the same boat. enjoy.

i am in the same boat. enjoy.