The Foreigner


I have landed in the country where i plan to succeed and rise

2 help those in need 2 make them feel at ease i will do it

2 make a change because my skills will inspire n improve


Corrupt society there is no demoracy speak 4 the poor

So that they remember a warrior with courage n class

That stood up against all odds to make a real promise


2 expose the fake government politician puppets no care

Scream at out loud at the them for false hopes untrustworthy

Because they were 2 busy 2 think and treat there solid own


Just 2 keep all the money 4 for them self with a big mansion

Fancy cars late night party with ungrateful sluts pay them

Do it again i have money to blow n 2 glow n your ghost


If you say the wrong word i can eliminate you 6 foot deep

No remorse i control you do what i say 2 live n breathe

Welcome n enjoy your stay i rule you your just a foreigner












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