Classical hums drown my sense and surrounding...

The subtle tap tap, mellowing my drowning.

The crave seeping my heart to the twitch in my fingertips.

Craving the brush between my finger and thump, to dip.

My disorientated strokes and slashes.

I watch myself burn and adore the ashes.

As i pour my whirlwind mind onto a blank canvas.

Slow careful scalpel seeping deep through my heart.

Bleeding onto the empty white below, seethingly fast.

Its anger and desperation slashing through my art.

Tap tap tap.. my sweet piano music hums to my ears.

Calm.. soft.. control, calling me back to here..

Away from the deepest dark places in my mind.

Afraid to lose myself there, a place not kind.

My minds whispers hum back in rythem with my chaotic dashes.

My brush soothing their worldly anger... -shhh no more slashes..

My song ends and a momens silence begins as i wait.

For the next melody to absorb my mind before the break

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