Why do we wear our pain like teardrop dimonds,

Aheading our crystalised crown..

Shaped and molded for another set of eyes.

Weighing for everyone our head tilted down.

When did we start falling in love with diamonds and frowns.

When did we stop adoring the smile of our loved,

When did that become not good enough?

Dont love me for my pain, if you havent loved my smile...

Nurse my joy and embrace my tears all the while.

Appreciate my pain, dont brand and price me on it.

If you wouldnt sell me for my smile dont sell me for my tears.

If you wouldnt buy me for my joys dont do it for my fears.

My pain are not my jewels, my heart is not someones art.

It is MINE, my art, my pain is only another section or part.

It is not my definition nor what makes love.

Because my scars and recipricate kisses above.

When did pain become our picture? When did it define beauty.

When did it stop become fragile, when were tears our duty?

Your smile is beautiful, your laugh is melodic, 

Everyones tears run, the length of their trail is no comparison.

We each hurt. Love. Run. Fall, get back up and slip.

Our beauty is not defined by someone else perception.

Throw away your crown and lift your head unweighted.

Your laugh is worth a million more and your smile is not dated.


no body can take your beauty,

Let them steal your crown, wipe your smile, brand your tears.

We claim each back and rebuild here.

We are beauty..

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Sorry for the spelling

Sorry for the spelling mistakes