She was every season.. autumn and spring most,

She was that lingering presence of a ghost..

Something that never ever left me

Someone who held the key..

That feeling of little butterflies dispursing away from petals

Dandelions floating away passing children's bike pedals

The warm gentle breeze of spring that softened your skin..

The feeling of warm cotton jumpers when autumn settles in.

The refreshing gentle rain of autumn mornings 

Cold but never anything less than comforting.

It was that gentle air, something cool and calm,

Where security was found and no sense to harm.

Yellow buttercups and daisy trails

To my happiness it never fails..

Her spring hair and autumn clothes, melodic laugh, gentle eyes,

Petal touch hands, the leaves crinkle as do your eyes as you smile.

My spring warmth dressed in autumns touch,

My sweet gentle breeze, i love all to much...

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