My calm

i watch every thread of entity unravel from the seems..
ill stich them back later under whispered silence..
with silent witness and quiet city streets..
nothing like the catastrophic noise of my mentality never making sense..
gentle whisper with  warmth surrounds me from afar..
everything pauses and my mind hushed..
gentle waves and simple sounds of distant cars..
my heart beats a pattern unknown to me something unrushed..
 gentle whispers of reassurance and serenity..
away with the worlds harsh noise buzzing lights snd vanity..
nothing but the slow cool air and candle lit specs that dance in the sky..
something so complex yet nothing but a simple allurance to the eye..
one day ill share my eyes with you.. so you may see all i see through..
all i see in you..
all i feel through every moment and breeze..
the serenity that you gave to me..
the beauty in that you are yet to see 
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